Bored Piling

A Bored Pile is a nondisplacement form of foundation that is cast in situ and provides economical load bearing and walling solutions suited to a wide range of ground conditions and applications. Key advantages include

Able to carry very high load / shear / moment capacity Low noise and vibration Ground is "seen" during construction allowing validation of design assumptions Can overcome adverse ground including natural or manmade obstructions Can drill into hard rock Can be constructed to tight tolerances

Bored piles can be constructed using crane mounted or track mounted hydraulic drill rigs. The excavation for bored piles can be supported using casing installed by vibrators or oscillators and by drilling muds. Piling Contractors offers the following advantages for construction of Bored Piles:

Wide range of drill rigs available Reliability of personnel, plant and equipment to provide a quality product

A proven track record of experience and knowledge across all areas of Singapore gained during more than 13 years of constructing bored piles Economical and productive methods of drilling in all ground conditions, from soft soils to very high strength rock;

Extensive range of drill tools, casings and other auxiliary equipment suited to different drilling conditions that may be encountered; Localised plant and equipment support in cities around Singapore and Malaysia;